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a note from the owner, Tommy:

Hello, welcome, and thank you infinitely for considering Polymathus for your software development project! I often find myself asking the same questions at the beginning of any development project. So to streamline my process, and introduce some consistency in my own approach, I created this page to capture some of the necessary, basic information.

Once we cover these basic introductory question, we will venture down a more specific path created and customized just for you.

Answer anything you can and skip whatever you don’t know at this time. Speaking of time–thanks for taking a moment of yours to answer my questions!


    What is the title and primary focus of your site?*
    (example: "Tree Dudes with Saws, an informational site for my 3-person tree-trimming business.")

    Here's a spot to elaborate on the above if you want to:

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    What is the URL?
    Who is your hosting provider?*

    Which pages and functionality do you anticipate your site will need?
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    Enter any URLs for competitor sites that you like.

    Enter any URLs for competitor sites that you do not like.

    Any other sites not in your industry that you would like to be similar to?

    Will it be an e-commerce site or will you have items for sale?*

    What type of products will be sold?
    How many unique ISBNs are there? (can be approximate)

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