Monthly Digital Plans & Pricing

Monthly subscriptions starting at

$ 350

Monthly Plugin & Theme Updates
Minimize security risks and keep your site running quickly & efficiently by keeping up to date with critical updates to your core plugins and theme.
Monthly Offsite Redundant Backups
Secure your site with additional backups at a second physical location. The backups will archive your full site structure, content and data in a secure location outside of your hosting service provider.
Fundamental Performance Checks
Improved site performance can lead to improved search results rankings.
Critical Site Security Checkups
Mitigate risks from hackers, especially if you collect sensitive data from users.
One Hour of Dev or Consulting
One additional hour of technical development, maintenance or SEO tuning for your site. A strong SEO design helps you show up in users’ searches more frequently. While we will certainly give you guidance and recommendations of the best use of this time, you can choose to use this hour towards anything you want on your site.

Basic SEO Package

Basic Plan

Monthly subscriptions starting at

$ 750

Everything in the BASIC package…
including monthly updates, performance checkups, backups offsite, critical security updates


Weekly/Daily Plugin & Theme Updates
More frequent updates to stay even more secure, efficient and reliable.
Weekly/Daily Redundant Backups
More frequent backups for the smallest deviation in data after a restoration. Your site will be even more secure with more frequent backups at a second physical location. The backups will archive your full site structure, content and data in a secure location outside of your hosting service provider.
Regular Performance/Security Checks
Tighten up your security with the same high quality performance and security checks as the Basic Package, yet performed weekly or even daily. Regular, routine checks for malware, errors, and site vulnerabilities will yield a high-performing site, not to mention peace of mind for you.
Site Uptime Monitoring
Receive an email, text message–or both–immediately if your site ever goes down. Of course informing you is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll be notified as well, and will get to work quickly to resolve the issue, with a goal to get it fixed before you even get your message.
Client-Provided Content Creation
You provide the copy then we enter, format and optimize it on your site. Your content is proofread and mildly edited for SEO so you rank higher in search results.
Keyword Research & Reporting
Through in-depth keyword research and analysis, you can find out what people search for and optimize your site to answer their queries. Then we can develop target lists and create content that helps you rank int the areas where people are searching the most.
Backlink Audits and Analytics
Links to your site from other authoritative sources boost your visibility & ranking. We audit the links pointing to your site for validity and credibility to keep your standing clean. We can then study the industry for additional opportunities and make recommendations.

Standard SEO Package

Standard Plan

Monthly subscriptions starting at

$ 1500

Everything in STANDARD package…
including monthly updates, performance checkups, backups offsite, critical security updates, uptime monitoring, content creation, copyediting, keyword research, backlink analytics, and quarterly wellness reports


Custom Content Copyediting
No time to write? Let us write and optimize your content for search engines. Enjoy custom articles and original content creation with copyediting posted to your site after you’ve approved it. Sites with helpful content benefit your users and subsequently rank higher in the search engine results pages.
Coding for Featured Snippets
Stand out among your competitors in search results with SERP Snippets and Featured Snippets. Don’t you love when you enter “why is the sky blue” in a search and Google just gives you the answer right at the top of the page? Well, that’s a Featured Snippet. It is possible to write content that gets isolated by Google to be shown like this. Some are easy; most are difficult; but all are worth trying for!
Google Search Console & Analytics
Google is picky, and sometimes it seems impossible to know how to write for search engines. The good news: Google has not only published volumes of information telling us exactly what they want, but they also have powerful tools to use to implement the work. Using Google Search Console and Google Analytics, we collect the data, analyze it for trends and then make changes based on the discoveries we make together in the data.
Local Listings Management
Consistency across listings greatly increases trust/authority for Google search. Using bulk management tools and the most up-to-date data you’ve provided, we can get your data out to Yelp, Citysearch, & over 50 more and lesser-known listings. Most importantly, the data is accurate because it is straight from you and consistent because we automate the entry distribution for you.
Brand Monitoring & Authority Analysis
Assess brand reputation, identify needs, & find new partnership opportunities in your industry. Keep “tabs on the conversation” and get alerts of mentions of your brand (or specific keywords) across multiple channels. Use the data to guide your PR strategies and then build market strength in expertise, authority & trust.
Keyword Positions Tracking
Track keyword search terms for which your site–and your competitors’ sites–rank & why. Dig in and analyze the volume of searches done and prioritize your focus with keyword position tracking and analysis. Publish or re-publish content that aligns with what’s important to people in your industry today and now.
Backlinks with Affiliate Outreach
Run regular audits on the backlinks coming in to your site. By pruning any toxic sites or domains linking in, or removing the broken links from the good ones, you maintain your strong “backlink score.” More importantly, you can actively build and grow your network of backlinks from trusted and authoritative affiliates in your industry.
Google My Business Management
Instill confidence in potential customers with reviews posted by your previous and existing customers. Interact and even reply with reviews submitted by anyone. Good reviews always help a company, but the way you handle your reviews of 3-stars and below speaks volumes about the character and quality of your organization.
Advanced Google Analytics
Analyze on-page actions & modify your site accordingly to actually give visitors what they are looking for. Discover what people are searching for on your site. Isolate errors on your worst performing pages. See where users are having trouble understanding your site, learn where the largest volume of your visitors live, or dig deep into even more complicated permutations data. These are just a few of the exciting things you can do with an expert certified in Advanced Google Analytics at Polymathus.

Premium SEO Package

Premium Plan