What kind of backpack is that!?

I get this question a lot.

Interestingly enough, I love to talk about backpacks and gear, so to make it easy when folks ask, I created this post to help fill in any more details after we talk about it.

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Hazard 4 Sidewinder™ Full-Sized Laptop Sling Pack – Black

Price: $ 179.99

This is the base backpack sling.

A Word from the Manufacturer:

This unique pro-quality sling-pack has generous size to accommodate laptops in its padded retainer, yet is nimble enough to be rotated from back to chest. Common to all our slings, such as the Evac™ series, this maneuver gives on-the-go access to frequently used gear while carrying heavier loads on the back the rest of the time. It’s also more secure in crowds etc., since you can keep it in sight and allows users to sit back in tight quarters such as ski lifts, or in vehicle interiors etc.

The generously padded and ventilated main shoulder strap is also ergonomically cut for hours of comfortable wear per day, and it is covered in modular (MOLLE® compatible) webbing to attach pouches for phones etc. at hand’s reach. Generous side modular webbing provides lots of expansion options and the thermoformed best-in-class moulded back panel provides variable rigidity, air ventilation, and a durable surface. A drop-down fast access gear organizer can also hold an iPad® sized tablet like a shelf and the main compartment is lined in velcro like fuzz for attaching dividers, patches or Hazard 4® holsters.

An included but removable stabilizer strap keeps the bag from sliding forward when leaning (like on a bike). Wherever and however hard core your work or play, the Sidewinder’s got your back, and your front.

Hazard 4 Broadside™ Large 9″ X 5″ Utility Pouch w/MOLLE ®

Price: $ 26.10

This is the additional utility pouch I added to the bottom, using the MOLLE® attachment system. On most airlines, this sling fits perfectly “under the seat in front of you.” I later added the utility pouch and learned that this part sticks out a little when placing under the seat in front. This turned out to seem more like “a feature not a bug” because it was perfect for storing headphones, light snacks, and anything else I’d need during the flight but would be a pain to pull the whole bag out for. Nice!

Hazard 4 Reveille™ Rugged Grooming Kit/Heavy-Duty Toiletry Bag

Price: $ 40.32

Being prepared doesn’t stop at the bathroom door, heh heh. If you want to head to the showers in rugged style, this is the perfect pouch for your pretty soaps, loofas, and whatever else the most interesting person in the world pampers him or herself with!