I had the honor of producing the first audiobook for author, Ken Mosesian. The book is titled, “The Power of Promise.” At the start of recording I definitely had one of those moments where I catch myself mumbling, “I love this job!”

In this moment I had the opportunity to share a tiny, foam-padded room with a friend and colleague. I was doing what I love–recording and mixing an audiobook. He was doing what he loves, speaking the wise words about truth, integrity and a company’s brand promise. Each of these actions are great on their own. However, in concert with each other, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

After recording the audio, I spent many hours listening and re-listening to the piece. It is important to seek out and remove even the slightest nuances in the recording. Ken is a stellar public speaker so this task was much easier than it usually is in the studio. As if I didn’t already love on-location recording and live productions enough, this is the part of audio engineering I love the most: post-production. I love making that perfect mix! Well that and…

The audiobook went live today!

Ken Mosesian speaks eloquently over the Rode NT-2A for The Power of Promise.
The Power of Promise is available on Audible.com!
I am excited because it’s my first audiobook producer credit on Amazon.
You can be excited because the Audible.com version is free (with a 30-day trial).

You can be even more excited because if you don’t have an audible account, I’ve included a banner-link below for you. Even better still–yes it’s starting to get a little infomercially in here–if you signup using this link you get TWO books for free. As always, you can cancel anytime and still keep the books. Click this banner below for that free trial:

Audio engineering–-especially studio work like this–-really fosters an environment where the polymath can grow and thrive. Every project is not only filled with its technical challenges of the actual audio engineering, but also full of potential to learn more in a topic in which I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to immerse myself.

This is especially rewarding on audiobooks like this. The Power of Promise is jam-packed with solid business advice and information. It comes from a well-spoken, articulate man with decades of experience consulting with businesses to build their brands. Ken is the best!

Going back over previously recorded files, mixing in the final tweaks of noise gates, limiters, compressors, expanders and dynamic equalization was already fun enough. The bonus business knowledge I gained from this book was an absolutely delightful by-product. Love it! I highly recommend this book and in case you missed it above, you can nab yourself a copy of The Power of Promise on Amazon (or Audible) right here.

Oh and last but not least, The Power of Promise is also available through the Apple Store at iTunes.