Working with Tommy is like carrying around the greatest human Swiss Army knife of all time. He switches between his variety of skills as easily as pulling a different blade out of the handle.

He combines that ability with backgrounds in mechanical and software engineering which allow him to solve the types of technical problems that inevitably come up on projects. His combination of formal and practical knowledge are rarely found in one person.

While skill and expertise are useful, it’s Tommy’s personality and character that complete the package. Tommy refuses to leave a problem half-solved or to let himself be satisfied with “good enough.” When working, he never allows himself to be idle, always looking around for ways to pitch in to the greater team even if that means staying out of the way. Regardless of the challenge, Tommy brings a calming but upbeat, even humorous demeanor to his work.

After working with Tommy on a project, I always look back on the work experience with joy and look at the work itself with pride.