While gear packages and pricing are fully customizable for your production, the most common configurations are shown below. Labor is additional and pricing varies depending upon the length-of-day. Discounts and promotions are often available throughout the year so call (602) 688-4650 for more information.

For a complete list of labor rates, à la carte rentals and terms & conditions, view the rates sheet here: <polymathus_rates-and-terms >

  • "The Trailer"
  • $250
  • 1 field mixer/recorder with media card
    (8-inputs, 12 ISO tracks plus internal timecode generator)
  • 1 microphone, boom pole & wind protection
  • daily sound reports & file management
  • media backup indefinitely on G-RAID array
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  • "Feature Presentation"
  • $750
  • Everything in "The Previews" Package PLUS:
  • 2 additional wireless radio kits
    (includes: receiver, transmitter & lavalier mic)
  • 2 timecode sync boxes for A & B cam
  • 1 timecode slate (optional)
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The Trailer Package is great for long sit-down interviews on-location or on-the-fly (OTF) style interviews in the field. Cabling, power management and other accessories included.

The Previews Package is great for short films, commercials and even features with a small cast. The key additions to the Trailer Package are the talent radio kits and timecode sync to camera.

The Feature Package is great for long production runs with full crew, multiple cameras & large casts. This kit includes timecode sync for two cameras and 2 additional talent radio kits.

The gear inventory at Polymathus is always growing and evolving to meet the needs of an ever-changing world of camera and audio needs. Here is a tiny glimpse into the inventory on-hand and immediately available for your use:

Rode NT-2A Condenser Microphones with Isolation Mounts