The Lonely Unicorn

Sailbear Labs
Composed by
Tommy Schaeffer
Performed by
Tommy Schaeffer

The Lonely Unicorn for Unicornomics

One of the first—if not THE first—pieces ever put to recording here. A lonely unicorn may have started it all!

A friend was hosting a unicorn-themed fundraiser promoting a delightful and whimsical book about the economics of unicorn farming called, “Unicornomics.”

She commissioned art, sculpture, paintings, performances and music exclusively created for the event—and were, of course, all appropriately and aptly unicorn themed.

Piano was recorded in a live, one-take on a Weber baby grand piano. Then that track was brought into post for the addition of the digital strings, the oboe track, and final mixing for the CD. Yes there is a CD of unicorn-themed tracks out there—magical!