Seven Hours in Heaven

Production Company
Ozymandian Productions
Sound Mixer
Tommy Schaeffer
Flagstaff, AZ

Seven Hours in Heaven

The temperatures have dropped, the cabin is prepped and principal photography has begun for Seven Hours in Heaven! …and to call this location “heaven” might even be an understatement. We spent a mere 8 days in a cabin with some of our closest friends, making a feature film about some of the closest friends in a cabin for 8 days. Shot on a palen….drone, bwaahahahaha! There is something fascinating about jamming a cast & crew of ~20 in a single location for 8 days & nights of 12-16 hour days on a passion project. We are know for saying the following and this project was no exception: “Handshakes & hellos on the first day; Hugs & tears on the last.”

More About the Movie

During a weekend getaway, six friends play a game that tests their relationships, and changes their lives forever.

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